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Neighbours - Telia
Some Films

Neighbours - Telia - Some Films

Official Selection

Title of Piece: Neighbours
Brand: Telia
Production Company: Some Films
Director(s): Axel Laubscher
Producer(s): Ieva Javaitytė, Olga Radčenko
Agency: Milk
Client: TELIA Lithuania
Director of Photography: Fredrik Bäckar
Production Design: Sigita Šimkūnaitė
Editor: Vladas Litvinas
Instagram Tag: @some_films @axl369 @backar_fsf @ieva_java @olga_somefilms @sigitasimkunaite @ruta.sak
Short Synopsis: A pair of chronic bickerers prompt us to reconcile during Christmas in the story packed with hearty humour and a dash of national self-irony for TELIA Lithuania.

The narrative zips through a chain of situations where two elderly neighbours scold one another over text messages. And even though the vexation between these two is immense, so is the love – this mutual annoyance unravels the moment our heroes realise they can miss each other dearly.
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