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Who Are You - Vincent Littlehat - JPG
Who Are You - Vincent Littlehat - YOUTUBE 4m:05s

Who Are You
Vincent Littlehat

Who Are You - - Vincent Littlehat


Title of Piece: Who Are You
Production Company: Vincent Littlehat
Director(s): Mehran Djojan
Producer(s): Vincent Littlehat
Client: Vincent Littlehat
Director of Photography: David Diwiak
Editor: Michael Kutscher
Creative Director: Mehran Djojan
Script: Vincent Littlehat
Animation: Emil Karaś
Costume Design: Liesa Lettau
Music Composer: Robot Koch
Sound Design: Kris Steininger
Instagram Tag: @vincentlittlehat @mehrandjojan @louisseriot @sebastian.abarbanell @lukasziegele
Short Synopsis: Who Are You is a song about gaining lucidity while dreaming and finding a new perspective on circumstances. Seeing one’s actions from a third perspective helps to adjust the intensity of identifying with one’s role and the role of the opponent in a spectacle.
Vincent is reflecting on the show of a hero and a villain, watching their fight turning into a coordinated dance performance. Blending of reality and imagination/animation symbolically represents different states of mind.

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