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Jakub Jahn

Heartbeat - - Jakub Jahn

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Title of Piece: Heartbeat
Production Company: Jakub Jahn
Director(s): Jakub Jahn
Producer(s): Kristýna Tulachová
Client: Jakub Jahn
Director of Photography: David Markovič
Music Composer: Notize
Sound Design: Badfocus
Instagram Tag: @jakubjahn #heartbeat
Extra Credit 1: Performer: Annie Rat + Piqi Miqi
Short Synopsis: The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world and deprived us of many facts we were taking for granted. Basic expressions of belonging to one another are not possible today, so we are quickly looking for ways to greet each other safely.

Such a greeting cannot be connected with one particular country or one particular culture. Such a greeting must be understandable and acceptable to all countries and all cultures.
That is why we have created this greeting from the position of art which is the universal language of us all.
Extra Credit 2: Performer: Clarissa Leite
Extra Credit 3: Performer: Chanda Mwape
Extra Credit 4: Performer: Kristýna Le
Extra Credit 5: Performer: Martin Novák
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