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DESTINY'S FUGE - Breton Follies
Breton Follies

DESTINY'S FUGE - Breton Follies - Breton Follies

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Title of Piece: DESTINY'S FUGE
Brand: Breton Follies
Production Company: Breton Follies
Director(s): Breton Tyner-Bryan
Producer(s): Breton Tyner-Bryan, Michael J. Burke
Client: Breton Tyner-Bryan
Director of Photography: Michael J. Burke
Production Design: Breton Tyner-Bryan
Editor: Emily Ulrich
Creative Director: Breton Tyner-Bryan
Script: Breton Tyner-Bryan
Colour Grading: Emily Urlich
Costume Design: Breton Tyner-Bryan
Music Composer: Faye Chiao
Instagram Tag: @bretontynerbryan @bretonfolliesny
Extra Credit 1: Choreographer Breton Tyner-Bryan
Short Synopsis: Hazel and Augustine journey down the rabbit hole of their past clandestine affair to revisit their collectively fractured memories in a reverse warholian experience. Destiny's Fuge is a haunting and playful examination of fantasy, pleasure, and the limitless human experiences of vindictive dissociation. Defined by self absorption, devotion, and love, the power a memory holds over us ultimately becomes the map to past and future, with the truth sandwiched somewhere in the middle.
Extra Credit 2: Casting Director Breton Tyner-Bryan
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