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Des Hume - Huh - Timelapse Film - VIMEO 3m:29s

Des Hume - Huh
Timelapse Film

Des Hume - Huh - - Timelapse Film


Title of Piece: Des Hume - Huh
Production Company: Timelapse Film
Director(s): Jordan Clarke
Client: Des Hume
Instagram Tag: @jordanc87 @timelapsefilm @des.hume
Short Synopsis: This was a project that came about during lockdown. My friend (des hume) would send me songs he was creating and I would try different Animations. The talking masks were inspired by the song that relies heavily on a computer-sounding voice. I thought it would be interesting to create a digital choir out of 3d masks. I would record my own face performing the song in sections and then use that data to drive the animation. I wanted to mimic dynamic stage lighting as if your seeing this digital performance live.
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