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Be certain
Lasse Buchhop

Be certain - - Lasse Buchhop

Official Selection

Title of Piece: Be certain
Production Company: Lasse Buchhop
Director(s): Lasse Buchhop
Client: pregnancy tests
Director of Photography: Frank Schlotterbeck
Editor: Lasse Buchhop
Script: Lara Nadler, Lasse Buchhop, Leif Kolbow
Costume Design: & Hair/Make-Up: Hanne Hamann
Music Composer: Kian Jazdi & Magnus Sauer @ nordsuedmusik
Sound Design: Kian Jazdi & Magnus Sauer @ nordsuedmusik
Instagram Tag: @lassebuchhop @frankschlotterbeck
Extra Credit 1: Cast: Kim Biebow
Short Synopsis: No matter who you are, what situation you´re in or your plans for the future, when it comes to pregnancy, you want to be certain.
With this independent work we want to spotlight situations that are often ignored by the clichés of advertisement.
Extra Credit 2: Cast: Adrian "Pano" Maier
Extra Credit 3: Cast: Carlotta Bauer
Extra Credit 4: Cast: Nadja Laura Mijthab
Extra Credit 5: Cast: Ariane Reisenweber
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