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Muse - Compliance - Left - JPG
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Muse - Compliance

Muse - Compliance - - Left


Title of Piece: Muse - Compliance
Production Company: Left
Director(s): Jeremi Durand
Producer(s): Boris Labourguigne, Nick Callais
Client: Warner Music UK
Director of Photography: David Wright
Production Design: Aleksandra MuszyƄska
Editor: Tobias Suhm
Creative Director: Artmineur
Visual Effects: FRENDER - Max Colt
Costume Design: Jason Harmer
Instagram Tag: @_jeremidurand @leftproductions #musecompliance
Extra Credit 1: Color: Dante Giani Pasquinelli
Short Synopsis: In a hyper-controlled society, three kids set out to prevent their doomed fate by destroying their future selves.
Played in reverse and set in an oppressive reality, the video is a symbolic self-deconstruction loop.
The story backtracks as the three kids take life into their own hands, building to their trigger point where they decide to reject the status quo and alter the course of their futures forever.
Extra Credit 2: Executive Producer : Boris Labourguigne
Extra Credit 3: Commissioner : Lark Creative, Benjamin Bernard
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