Rhythm of the Steppe - Étage team - JPG
Rhythm of the Steppe - Étage team - JPG
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Rhythm of the Steppe
Étage team

Rhythm of the Steppe - - Étage team


Title of Piece: Rhythm of the Steppe
Production Company: Étage team
Director(s): Somerset Karine
Producer(s): Étage team
Agency: Étage team
Client: Alfa Bank Kazakhstan
Instagram Tag: @etageteam #rhythmofthesteppe
Short Synopsis: The protagonist silently wakes up at dawn amidst the cosmic landscapes of Kazakhstan that were once covered by the Tethys Ocean. The dancer starts moving accompanied by a range of melodies created with traditional Kazakh musical instruments, introducing diverse sounds and tunes. The rhythm of this place lives beyond time evolving through contrary senses, escalation and slowdown, strives to capture states of stillness, restless heatwaves, rushing and slowing down, awaiting and speeding up. The dancer’s movements and senses are blended in with the scenery and the nomadic sounds caught in on a loop of the eternal cycle, from dawn till dusk with no start or end. As the night falls the dancer observes the light flashbacks of the ancient ocean, capturing the magic that happens at the intersection of water and light. The sun rises, the dancer falls asleep. An infinite loop makes a single moment of connection last forever.
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