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Dare - Tesla
On Heritage

Dare - Tesla - On Heritage


Title of Piece: Dare
Brand: Tesla
Production Company: On Heritage
Director(s): Ignas Laugalis
Producer(s): Gráinne Dwyer
Client: Tesla
Director of Photography: Luke Jacobs
Editor: Ignas Laugalis
Script: Ignas Laugalis
Copywriter: Niamh O’Connell
Costume Design: Andrea Williams
Sound Design: Tom Joyce
Instagram Tag: @ignas_laugalis @on.heritage
Extra Credit 1: Producer/Art Director: Gráinne Dwyer
Short Synopsis: This spec is not about car specs, how many cup holders it has, or how many different colours it comes in. It is about what Tesla as a brand represents. Being itself throughout all the controversy. Daring to be different.
Extra Credit 2: Colorist: Naveen PA
Extra Credit 3: Make Up & Hair: Tobi Bello
Extra Credit 4: Stylist: Andrea Williams
Extra Credit 5: Chief Lighting Technician: Eoghan Hand
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