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Find Your Truth - Snice - Mercedes JPG
Find Your Truth - Snice - Mercedes MOV 1m:04s

Find Your Truth - Mercedes

Find Your Truth - Mercedes - Snice


Title of Piece: Find Your Truth
Brand: Mercedes
Production Company: Snice
Director(s): Francesco Meneghini
Producer(s): Alexander Paul Probst, Per Jacob Blut
Agency: Pin1248
Client: Mercedes
Director of Photography: Raphael Beinder
Script: Francesco Meneghini
Visual Effects: Sebastian Mietzner
Music Composer: Jamie Ross
Sound Design: Jamie Ross
Instagram Tag: @francescomeneghiniberlin @snice_filmproduktion @raphaelbeinder @paul.alexander.probst
Extra Credit 1: Starring: Yee Him Wong, Thomas Felletschin, Nina Thielen
Short Synopsis: This is the era of the metaverse, artificial intelligence, and hyper-connectivity. Every one of us has thousands of friends and millions of likes, but we feel more and more alone. Realty is something that we live only through a mobile screen. The only experiences worth living are the ones posted on social media. What is not shared doesn't exist.
This film incites to take action, get off the grid and explore.
Only if you get lost, you can find yourself and what is true to you.
Extra Credit 2: Colorist: Fabian Kimoto
Extra Credit 3: Voice Over Artist: Derane Obika
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