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Try - - Valiant Pictures

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Title of Piece: Try
Production Company: Valiant Pictures
Director(s): Enmi Yang
Producer(s): Matthew D’Amato & Vincent Lin
Client: NAKAYA
Director of Photography: Peter Pascucci
Production Design: Megan Nishiyama
Editor: Enmi Yang
Costume Design: Ryan Gale
Instagram Tag: @valiantpictures
Extra Credit 1: Producer: Abi Lieff
Short Synopsis: The music video for “Try” is a two-part project, paired with the second upcoming music video for the title track “Fire Becomes Me”. “Try” explores the vicious cycle of social judgment and “Fire Becomes Me” chronicles the journey to liberation and finding personal power. The director explores with “Try” the importance and influence of self-talk on the human subconscious, conveyed through fashion, lighting and choreography that examine the interplay between fear, doubt and guilt.
Extra Credit 2: Hair/Makeup: Will Metivier
Extra Credit 3: Gaffer: Forest Erwin
Extra Credit 4: Color: Peter Pascucci 
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