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Les Marins - Jean-Paul Gaultier

Les Marins - Jean-Paul Gaultier - Colors

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Title of Piece: Les Marins
Brand: Jean-Paul Gaultier
Production Company: Colors
Director(s): Charlotte Wales
Producer(s): Julie Mathieu-Moreau & Jules Dieng
Client: Jean-Paul Gaultier
Director of Photography: Pat Aldinger
Production Design: Julien Cavallina
Editor: Everest Studio
Creative Director: Florence Tetier
Costume Design: Georgia Pendlebury
Music Composer: Andrew Mc Donnell
Instagram Tag: @colors @charlottemwales @jeanpaulgaultier
Extra Credit 1: Role : Bella Haddid
Short Synopsis: This film is a love triangle with a marine theme but beyond that, it’s about falling in love with the cheeky, sexy irreverence of Gaultier all over again. There’s a reason stripes became JPG’s signature, and that’s because nobody does them better.
Extra Credit 2: Role : Omar Sesay
Extra Credit 3: Role : Qaher Harhash
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