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Temple Beauty Supply
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Temple Beauty Supply - - Valiant Pictures

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Title of Piece: Temple Beauty Supply
Production Company: Valiant Pictures
Director(s): Tiffany Frances
Producer(s): Matthew D’Amato, Vincent Lin, Matthew Keene Smith
Agency: RE:Store
Client: Temple Beauty Supply
Director of Photography: Arlene Muller
Editor: Luc Giddens
Sound Design: Benjamin S.L. Wong
Instagram Tag: @valiantpictures
Short Synopsis: A cornerstone of her Compton community, owner Amber Osborne launched her mart stocked with Black brands in February 2020, shortly before the pandemic blindsided small businesses worldwide. She had won $50K from Snoop Dogg's “Joker's Wild” show in January 2019, and knew she would help her community with a beauty business. Development deals and teams fell apart, but she persisted and grew to own a mini mart side-by-side with her beauty supply store. Having the mini mart came just in the nick of time in February 2020, as it marked her business “essential” under the government and allowed it to stay open during the course of the pandemic. Throughout the pandemic and during the summer’s Black Lives Matter protests, she and her family anticipated the needs of the community and continued to provide services and assistance.
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