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Level Locks "Step Inside" - Level Home
Papaya Films

Level Locks


Title of Piece: Level Locks "Step Inside"
Brand: Level Home
Production Company: Papaya Films
Director(s): Hans Emanuel
Producer(s): Papaya: Tomasz Kulesza, Michał Trusiewicz / Mekanism: Kati Haberstock, Veronika Fontaine
Agency: Mekanism / Chicago
Client: Level Home Inc.
Director of Photography: Octavio Arias
Production Design: Antonio Piciulo
Editor: Giacomo Prestinari
Creative Director: Amina Halim, Tessa Paneri, Ingrid Oliveira
Visual Effects: Universal Production Partners, a.s. (UPP)
Animation: Universal Production Partners, a.s. (UPP)
Costume Design: Hartwig
Sound Design: Jeff Levy
Instagram Tag: @lethansitoplay @papaya_films @mekanism @upp_advertising @levelhomeinc
Extra Credit 1: VFX Supervisor: Mario Dubec
Short Synopsis: A door. A keyhole. Where does it go? Accept the tempting invitation ​into a fantastic house. Is it still the ’invisible smart’ locking mechanism, or has the viewer entered a wonderland beyond ​the laws of Physics? Shifting stairs, moving chairs, rolling windows and stretchy mirrors.

Step inside the magic with a dancing Level heroine!

The campaign was creatively written by Mekanism, directed by Hans Emanuel, produced by Papaya Films, and brought to life with the help of Universal Production Partners (UPP).
Extra Credit 2: UPP Producer: Jan Valter
Extra Credit 3: UPP Project Coordinator: Magdalena Halamová
Extra Credit 4: UPP Art Director: Martin Smékal
Extra Credit 5: UPP Color grading: David Koubík
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