Avec Amour - Korin F. - HEKO - JPG
Avec Amour - Korin F. - HEKO - JPG
Avec Amour - Korin F. - HEKO - MP4 3m:30s

Avec Amour - Korin F.

Avec Amour - Korin F. - - HEKO


Title of Piece: Avec Amour - Korin F.
Production Company: HEKO
Director(s): C├ędric Legrand
Producer(s): Elsa Philippe
Client: Les Disques Pavillon
Director of Photography: James Coote
Editor: Vincent Fleischamnn
Instagram Tag: @cedlegend
Extra Credit 1: Color grading: Antoine Ravache
Short Synopsis: In the halls of a university, a telepathic television makes people disappear mysteriously. Like a mermaid, it uses the fantasies of its prey to attract and absorb them into the screen. Breathing her last, the television releases a wave of love that no one can resist.
The video, points the irresistible attraction we have for the screens. In this love story, fantasies are revealed in a virtual world, they are fulfilled without restraint, without fear of being judged by the other.
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