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96% - Lynk & Co

96% - Lynk & Co - Halal

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Title of Piece: 96%
Brand: Lynk & Co
Production Company: Halal
Director(s): Caroline Koning
Producer(s): Annemien Lijfering, Claudia Creebsburg
Agency: Halal
Client: Lynk & Co
Director of Photography: Joe Cook
Editor: Martin Heijgelaar
Visual Effects: Ambassadors
Music Composer: Niels den Otter
Sound Design: Moritz Staub
Short Synopsis: In a time where people are rethinking the way we live, Lynk & Co virtually launched in Europe with a drive to also rethink mobility. To find a model of movement that works for us and for the environment. And to apply our sharing economy to cars, which sit unused for 96% of the time.

Following a teaser campaign that was seeded in various European markets throughout the year, it came time for the big reveal of the car-sharing brand. But when lockdown measures meant an in-person reveal wasn’t possible, this virtual launch film instead took its place. The aim was to have this feel like a poem to mobility, an abstract visual narrative to present the problem to which Lynk & Co offers a different solution. This approach also stands in contrast to the usual car ad, often focusing on speed, the technological advancements, or its inherent features. With a strong focus on visual style and craft, ‘96%’ communicates how Lynk & Co is different, ultimately fuelled by its mission to connect with the community driving their cars.
Extra Credit 1: VFX Supervisor: Bas Moonen, Ambassadors
Extra Credit 2: VFX Producer : Arjan Eekels
Extra Credit 3: Lead VFX Artists : Stephen Pepper, Bas Moonen, Ambassadors
Extra Credit 4: VFX Artists : Melissa van het Spijker, Jeremy Verf, Inti Martinez, Hans van der Steilen, Ambassadors
Extra Credit 5: 3D Artists : Robin van As, Ralph Meijer, Jeroen Cloosterman, Jeroen Hoolmans, Sjoerd de Greef, Will Jeffers, Ambassadors
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