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H08 - Hermès

H08 - Hermès - Phantasm


Title of Piece: H08
Brand: Hermès
Production Company: Phantasm
Director(s): Jonas Vahl
Producer(s): Noé Baruchel-Dominati
Agency: Publicis EtNous
Client: Hermès
Director of Photography: Nicolas Loir
Production Design: Arno Roth
Editor: Christian Zimmermann, Olivier Bonin
Creative Director: Fabien Mouillard
Visual Effects: Yves Delforges
Animation: CGI Artist : Georg Fasswald, 2D Artist: Mael Gaumont
Costume Design: Pauline Charriere
Short Synopsis: Hermès reveals its new H08 watch, both modern and timeless. The watch reflects all the pulses of today's man: his breaths as well as his surges, his pauses as well as his accelerations. The film, directed by Jonas Vahl, transcends the ephemeral nature of organic structures, physics, gravity and time. Using physics as a metaphor, the film captures our fascination with the basic philosophical question: does time have a definite form? The film is an oniric visit at time museum, grounded in reality. A metaphorical story of our relationship to time and space.
Extra Credit 1: Hair: Tomohiro Ohashi
Extra Credit 2: Post-production: Nightshift / Rodrigo Pomarico
Extra Credit 3: Colorist: Emiliano Serantoni
Extra Credit 4: Talent: Henry Kitcher
Extra Credit 5: Line Producer: Theo Jourdain
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