Time - Frenzy Paris - Kartell JPG
Time - Frenzy Paris - Kartell JPG
Time - Frenzy Paris - Kartell MP4 3m:23s

Time - Kartell
Frenzy Paris

Time - Kartell - Frenzy Paris

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Title of Piece: Time
Brand: Kartell
Production Company: Frenzy Paris
Director(s): Ffi0oul
Producer(s): Charlotte Benhamou
Client: Kartell
Short Synopsis: For this music video Ffi0oul decided to create a film entirely in 3D, in order to create a feeling of an infinite journey into a surreal universe.
Discover a journey through the opposing visions of the shared memories of Qendresa and Coops. The perceptions are thus singular, specific to each one. Between dream and reality, this two-speed set - reminiscent of surrealist painting - absorbs you in an intimate microcosm of nostalgia and memory.
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