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Solidarités International : "For 40 years, and as long as it takes" - Solidarités International

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Title of Piece: Solidarités International : "For 40 years, and as long as it takes"
Brand: Solidarités International
Production Company: BIRTH
Director(s): Théo Gottlieb
Producer(s): BIRTH - Hugo Legrand-Nathan
Agency: Social Club
Client: Solidarités International
Director of Photography: Théo GOTTLIEB
Production Design: Brahim BATTA
Editor: Théo GOTTLIEB
Creative Director: Leo Sattin
Props Stylist: Hassan ALIOUI
Short Synopsis: On the occasion of its 40th anniversary, the association « International Solidarity » entrusted Birth and SocialClub agency with the realization of its latest communication campaign. Directed by the talented Théo Gottlieb, this campaign is a tribute to these women and men who fight every day, as much as an affirmation of their humanitarian commitment, to respond to human suffering for as long as necessary.

The film, with a melancholic air of happy birthday, makes us discover a bouquet of balloons floating in the wind on the places of the different fields of action of the humanitarians: a shantytown, a desert land, a city devastated by war. The balloons explode to the rhythm of heavy weapons fire, leaving only one white balloon decorated with the logo of Solidarités International. An image that reminds us of the commitment of humanitarians on the front line to help populations in danger. From 23 October 2020, the campaign was relayed on TV, cinema, press, posters and social networks.
Extra Credit 1: Associate Producer: Yohan Ungar
Extra Credit 2: Line Producer : Thomas Aboulker
Extra Credit 3: Managing Director : Valentin Fertillet
Extra Credit 4: Account Director : Marine Sanchez
Extra Credit 5: SFX: Abdelah Joudi & Ismail El Ghachi
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