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Color Me

Color Me - - Bacon


Title of Piece: Color Me
Production Company: Bacon
Director(s): Martin de Thurah
Producer(s): Samuel Cantor, Maximilian Mayrshofer
Agency: -
Client: Active Child
Director of Photography: Rasmus Videbæk
Production Design: Choki Lindberg
Editor: Peter Brandt
Script: Martin de Thurah
Visual Effects: BaconX
Animation: BaconX
Costume Design: Lula Lucky
Music Composer: Active Child
Sound Design: ballad
Props Stylist: Denise Conradi
Short Synopsis: How do we respond when we have to face our own fears and mortality, and is it possible to find tranquility within the world of our nightmares? These are some of the themes explored in Color Me, Danish director Martin de Thurah's haunting and boundary-pushing visual universe surrounding Active Child's melancholic and frail track.
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