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The Perfect Lap - Specialized Bikes

The Perfect Lap - Specialized Bikes - Boldly

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Title of Piece: The Perfect Lap
Brand: Specialized Bikes
Production Company: Boldly
Director(s): Sabertooth & Robjn Taylor
Producer(s): Geoff Manton, Ian Schiller, Dustin Cook
Agency: Sabertooth Pictures
Client: Specialized Bikes
Director of Photography: Harrison Mendel
Production Design: Matt Prior
Editor: Matthew Griffiths
Creative Director: Ian Schiller, Dustin Cook
Script: Ian Schiller, Dustin Cook
Copywriter: Ian Schiller, Dustin Cook
Visual Effects: Peter Debay, Olek Lyzwanski
Music Composer: Harald Boyesen
Sound Design: Will Storkson
Short Synopsis: What happens when you taste perfection? It’s the year 2063, legendary mountain biker Matty Miles has been in self isolation for 43 years after completing “The Perfect Lap.” A reminiscent look back at the year 2020 and the Golden Age of mountain biking.
Extra Credit 1: Special Effects & Prosthetics: Vancouver FX, Dallas Harvey FX
Extra Credit 2: Post Production: Cycle Media
Extra Credit 3: Colourist: Sam Gilling
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