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L'Impératrice - JPEG
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L'Impératrice - "Afraid of Girls"
Left Productions

L'Impératrice -

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Title of Piece: L'Impératrice - "Afraid of Girls"
Production Company: Left Productions
Director(s): Aube Perrie
Producer(s): Boris Labourguigne
Client: microqlima
Director of Photography: César Decharme
Production Design: Louise Mekylla Bachir
Editor: Gwen Ghelid
Short Synopsis: Produced by Left, the music video for "Afraid of girls" comes with the release of "Tako Tsubo", L'Imperatrice’s newest album. If you're looking for tasty little murders, dive into a 300m2 Palm Spring villa set built in Bry-Sur-Marne and designed by Louise Mekylla Bachir, co-artistic director, and head decorator.
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