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Sting like a bee

Sting like a bee - - C41


Title of Piece: Sting like a bee
Production Company: C41
Director(s): Leone
Producer(s): Beatrice Lebrun
Agency: C41
Client: C41
Music Composer: Ze in the Clouds
Sound Design: Guido Smider
Short Synopsis: A story of love, life and tuning.
‘Sting like a bee’ is a musical journey through passion and courting, exploring the human nature behind the tuning of one of the most iconic vehicles ever made in Italy, the Ape Piaggio.

Like a restless bee who’s looking for the most beautiful flower in the field, Nicola, the protagonist, buzzes the streets of Vasto -a place forgotten by God- in search of love and personal affirmation. A path that will lead him to contend for the conquest of the territory and the heart of his beloved.

The music film aims to create an unexpected bridge between the everyday life of a group of youngsters with an uncontrollable passion for tuning, and the natural world. A connection that, as in Aesop's fables, is deeper than it seems.
Extra Credit 1: Art Directors: Isabella Petricca, Carlo Banfi and Inga Lavarini
Extra Credit 2: 3D Artist: Antonio Cottone
Extra Credit 3: Stylist: Aurora Zaltieri
Extra Credit 4: Creative Direction: Leone Balduzzi and Nico Carassi
Extra Credit 5: Cinematography: Giuseppe Favale
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