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Sisterhood - Ground Work - Nowness x AGL VIMEO 2m:32s

Sisterhood - Nowness x AGL
Ground Work

Sisterhood - Nowness x AGL - Ground Work


Title of Piece: Sisterhood
Brand: Nowness x AGL
Production Company: Ground Work
Director(s): Fiona Jane Burgess
Producer(s): Roy Jo Waller
Agency: Nowness
Client: AGL
Short Synopsis: The soulful vocals of British singer-songwriter Låpsley ring throughout Sisterhood in an original composition written for this campaign. “Sisterhood is strength in numbers,” says director Fiona Jane Burgess, who pairs Låpsley’s poetry with movement from dancers Nikkita Chadha, Sharia Johnson, and Grace Jabbari. “It’s complex and multifaceted, it’s our support systems and our collective power.”

Made by women for women, the FW21 collection is an icon of Postmodern minimalism, finely balancing timeless elegance with touches of extravagance. AGL’s chic silhouettes and styles include metallic silver deerskin boots, yellow patent leather loafers, and platform sneakers, all of which were delicately integrated into Sisterhood’s narrative-driven choreography.

The film shows the dancers leaning on and supporting each other through sensitive movements set against the contemporary interiors of the Tate Modern gallery in London; the result is a celebration and expression of female solidarity. “Sisterhood is what I rely on to keep me grounded,” the director ends, “to remind me that I’m connected to womxn by our shared history and our collective experiences.”
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