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SAINt JHN ft Future - “Roses” {Remix} - SHOTCLOCK - JPG
SAINt JHN ft Future - “Roses” {Remix} - SHOTCLOCK - VIMEO 3m:16s

SAINt JHN ft Future - “Roses” {Remix}

SAINt JHN ft Future - “Roses” {Remix} - - SHOTCLOCK

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Title of Piece: SAINt JHN ft Future - “Roses” {Remix}
Production Company: SHOTCLOCK
Client: Hitco
Director(s) : John Tashiro
Business Region: 36974
Short Synopsis: For his trap remix, SAINt JHN tapped Future Hendrix to join him as the chart-topping artists hit the streets of Miami to cruise around town and head to the beach for a first taste of the summer.
Runtime: 03:15
Release Date: 2020-07-20
Producer(s): Harrison Corwin, Lucas Prevost
Director of Photography: John Tashiro
Editor: Matthew C. Levy
Production Design: Damian Fyffe
Creative Director: Donny York
Individual Credits: Ryan H. Berger, Colorist
Notes for Judging: Shot on a mix of formats: Digital, Super 16, Ultra 16, Super 8, Mini DV

I implemented numerous in-camera photographic techniques including double and triple exposures with a hand-cranked Bolex film camera.
Statement: 37029