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Born Again

Born Again - - Grégory


Title of Piece: Born Again
Production Company: Grégory
Director(s) : Grégory
Short Synopsis: This is the retelling of a true story. A short excerpt out of a good friends life.

A while ago a severe fire destroyed many houses inside the neighborhood of San Andres, Manila.
One small spark was all it needed to raise everything to the ground.
But at times one small spark can be the beginning of something bigger.
Release Date: 2020-06-23
Producer(s): Prod: Edwin Nombre Pamanian and Grégory
Director of Photography: Grégory
Editor: Editor: Dennis Elgert -
Music Composer: Nikolas Altmannsberger -
Visual Effects: Julian Opitz -
Sound Design: Sound: Robin Harff, Floyd Fürstenau -
Copywriter: Adrian Schloter (VO)
Individual Credits: Voice and Poem: Johnny B.A.N.G. Reilly
Individual Credits: Drone: Max Abasolo
Individual Credits: Archival Footage: Edwin Nombre Pamanian, Darren Owens, Anthony Thomas Bueta
Statement: 37091