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Ripple Effect - Impolite Culture GmbH, Dogs Can Fly - Nike MP4 6m:47s

Ripple Effect - Nike
Impolite Culture GmbH, Dogs Can Fly

Ripple Effect - Nike - Impolite Culture GmbH, Dogs Can Fly

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Title of Piece: Ripple Effect
Brand: Nike
Production Company: Impolite Culture GmbH, Dogs Can Fly
Client: Nike
Agency: The New Company
Director(s) : Aimee Hoffman
Business Region: 36854
Short Synopsis: Ripple Effect is a series to capture the impact of the 2019 Women’s World Cup across the globe for women’s football. The series captures the state of women’s soccer in different countries, the progress, and what still needs to change. This episode focused on women’s soccer in Brazil where a huge lack of funding and support has made it hard for women to make a living playing professionally and nationally. Looking through the lens of national team player, Andressa Alves, professional player, Adriana Leal da Silva, and young beginners, we see the women growing the game against a backdrop of cultural sexism, lack of support, visibility, and access.
Runtime: 06:48
Release Date: 2020-02-23
Producer(s): Lorenzo Musiu (EP Impolite Culture GmbH), Samira Smidi (EP Dogs Can Fly)
Director of Photography: Thiago Beck & JP Garcia
Editor: Mah Ferraz @Forager
Music Composer: Gavin Brivik
Creative Director: Aimee Hoffman
Individual Credits: Agency Lead Producer > Scott Lahn
Individual Credits: The New Company (Agency) credits > Designer: Andreas Pranato Motion: Will Geddes ECD: Matt Luckhurst President: Seth Mroczka
Individual Credits: Nike > Creatives: Lucy McCalmont, Emma Jackson, Ben Mclaughlin, Dan Rookwood, Adam Bordow
Notes for Judging: Support for women’s football has grown globally since last summer’s tournament and in Brazil, where it was broadcast for the first time on national television. Corinthians Futebol Feminino played in the men’s stadium for the first time ever in November last year, this short documentary shows that historical moment.

The film explores how the game is changing through the experiences of women at all stages of the sport.

The piece was Creative Directed, Directed and Photographed by Aimee Hoffman.

Aimee was able to pull off an incredible documentary shooting between Rome and Sao Paulo, juggling between creative direction and "in the field" documentary making. Her work was truly inspiring.

We are extremely proud to present the world such an inspiring story and Nike did an amazing job finding it and embracing the values behind it.
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