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Musical Chairs: A Battle Royale - Archer Studio - JPG
Musical Chairs: A Battle Royale - Archer Studio - JPG
Musical Chairs: A Battle Royale - Archer Studio - JPG
Musical Chairs: A Battle Royale - Archer Studio - VIMEO 2m:45s

Musical Chairs: A Battle Royale
Archer Studio

Musical Chairs: A Battle Royale - - Archer Studio


Title of Piece: Musical Chairs: A Battle Royale
Production Company: Archer Studio
Director(s) : Kristyna Archer
Business Region: 37036
Short Synopsis: A revealing battle royale of vices in a cutthroat match of musical chairs. Who will conquer all?

Director Statement:
My intention for this short film when we rolled camera 8 months ago in August 2019, was to showcase powerful strong female characters of color, contextualize visually an inner battle over negative thought patterns, and give hope you can persevere and overcome them.  Now releasing this in an entirely different climate in June 2020, it may take on another meaning. 

I hope this too makes you feel something and sparks something inside you to keep your head high during these times.  
Runtime: 02:45
Release Date: 2020-06-21
Producer(s): Ashley Hilis
Director of Photography: Heather Sommerfield
Editor: Kate Owen
Production Design: Jack Reed
Costume Design: Holly Copeland
Visual Effects: Elad Offer
Sound Design: Dan Bosworth
Animation: Syd Rein
Individual Credits: Credits: Directed by Kristyna Archer Featuring Rae Henderson Tenacity Nicole Henderson as Greed Irene Henderson as Wrath Mariah Martin as Lust Aixa Ricketts as Sloth Tunisha Hubbard as Pride Aliyah Flowers as Gluttony Iyana Halley as Envy Rocky as MC Edited by Kate Owen-Lloyd Director of Photography Heather Sommerfield Production Design by Jack Reed Choreography by Genna Moroni Costume Design by Holly Copeland Hair by Chanel Croker Makeup by Erin Walters Producer by Ashley Hillis Post-Producer Betsy Beale Assistant Editor Maria Lee Assistant Editor Steven Canavan Color by Gregory Reese VFX by Elad Offer Title Design by Syd Rein Music by Frankie Simone Sound Design by Dan Bosworth 1st AC Alex Cameron DIT Mighty Chuchaisri Gaffer Camilo Godoy Key Grip Michael Long Art Department Assistant Greg Reeves Art Department Assistant Justin Patten Seamstress Ariel Thomke Hair & Makeup Assistant Alix Isom Hair & Makeup Assistant Katie Mann Production Assistant Sofia del Valle Production Assistant Gina Grenci Special thanks to: Marmoset Music Wax a52 We Love Colors Hysteria Socks The Ruby
Statement: 37091