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Love Destruction - Pia Basey

Love Destruction - Pia Basey - Chó


Title of Piece: Love Destruction
Brand: Pia Basey
Production Company: Chó
Client: Pia Basey
Director(s) : Chó
Business Region: 36978
Short Synopsis: A tough journey leads Pia Basey into the darkest depths of consciousness, where she finally faces her last opponent.
Runtime: 03:56
Release Date: 2020-04-30
Director of Photography: Chó
Editor: Chó
Costume Design: Manufaktur Herzblut
Music Composer: Pia Basey, Yves Krismer
Creative Director: Chó
Script: Chó
Props Stylist: Liz Aw, Michael Bigini
Individual Credits: First Camera Assistant | Manuel Zoller
Individual Credits: Special Thanks | Österreichischer Musikfonds, Wöss Shamain, Tina Bstieler, Maggi Magsn, Jonah Wöss, Stefan Krismer, Tobi Weissbacher, Thomas Neuner, Medicig Österreich, Robert Mayr
Individual Credits: Set Runner | Milko Stoev, Lucas Micka
Individual Credits: Gimbal Operator | Manuel Zoller, Chó
Statement: 37029
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