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Eu Não Te Conheço - Tuyo

Eu Não Te Conheço - Tuyo - Independent


Title of Piece: Eu Não Te Conheço
Brand: Tuyo
Production Company: Independent
Director(s) : Fernando Moreira
Business Region: 36976
Short Synopsis: This is a film about self-protection, self-preservation. It’s about taking care of our own. The trio Tuyo goes to a farmhouse from Brazil’s colonial era in the countryside of Paraná, in order to perform a ritual, to close their internal passages and to resignify this space that carries the pain of Brazilian history. Eu Não Te Conheço is a shield, it is confrontation. Yet, it is a slice of peace in dark times.
Runtime: 04:24
Release Date: 2019-12-05
Producer(s): Eduardo Alves
Director of Photography: Marcos Ribas
Editor: Fernando Moreira
Production Design: ManMade
Costume Design: ProjetoZeroUm
Music Composer: Tuyo
Statement: 37029