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About Two Girls - x - x


Title of Piece: About Two Girls
Brand: x
Production Company: x
Client: no client
Agency: no client
Director(s) : Ayla Spaans
Business Region: 37040
Short Synopsis: About Two Girls is a 90 seconds visual diary about two sisters living together in a timeless world. The girls may look the same but they are very different. While they enjoy the seemingly endless summer, they show each other unconditional love while also experiencing some conflicts that have remained since they were kids.
Runtime: 01:35
Release Date: 2020-04-14
Producer(s): Ayla Spaans
Director of Photography: Zeeger Verschuren
Editor: Ayla Spaans
Production Design: Yael Weiser
Costume Design: Ayla Spaans & Yael Weiser
Music Composer: Jason Malan
Creative Director: Ayla Spaans & Yael Weiser
Visual Effects: x
Sound Design: Jason Malan
Script: Ayla Spaans
Copywriter: Ayla Spaans
Props Stylist: Yael Weiser
Animation: x
Individual Credits: Title - Asaf Mendelovich
Statement: 37091