PERSONAL WORK (New Generation Award)

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When We Were Strangers - x - x JPG
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When We Were Strangers - x

When We Were Strangers - x - x


Title of Piece: When We Were Strangers
Brand: x
Production Company: x
Client: no client
Agency: Vice
Director(s) : Ayla Spaans
Business Region: 37040
Short Synopsis: When We Were Strangers is a experimental love story that features the slow decay of love. It’s about a couple who falls in love during a house party and set off on an adventure. Each room in the house represent a different phase of their relationship and the situation gets more and more confusing.
Runtime: 08:04
Release Date: 2020-06-04
Producer(s): Ushani Karunadasa
Director of Photography: Rene Huwaë
Editor: Ayla Spaans
Production Design: Daylene Kroon
Costume Design: Danja Dane
Music Composer: Boris Acket, Lili Bos, Efrem Angela
Creative Director: Ayla Spaans
Visual Effects: x
Sound Design: Ruud De Groot, Boris Acket
Script: Ayla Spaans
Copywriter: Aimée Schuurmans
Props Stylist: Daylene Kroon
Animation: Yael Weiser
Individual Credits: Stylist - Romy Verbaan
Statement: 37091