PERSONAL WORK (New Generation Award)

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Title of Piece: Miragem
Brand: -
Production Company: -
Client: -
Agency: -
Director(s) : Georgina Abreu
Business Region: 37040
Short Synopsis: What is hiding beneath our surface?
What are our thoughts conveying?
What are we longing for?
The return to a homeland is often a contemplative one. Drawing inspiration from my great grandfather’s poetry, the journey explores the emotional bond between myself as artist and my birthplace - Madeira Island. Raised in the island, before creating a new life in the UK, the natural landscape and strong connection with my family is revisited and reconstructed. Confident of opening up about my own vulnerability, this work allows me to communicate and share my feelings as visual poem - a love letter to the island.
Runtime: 01:30
Release Date: 2020-06-01
Producer(s): Georgina Abreu
Director of Photography: Georgina Abreu
Editor: Georgina Abreu
Costume Design: Patrícia Pinto; Henrique Teixeira
Music Composer: Slightly; Max Wilkinson
Creative Director: Georgina Abreu
Script: Georgina Abreu
Notes for Judging: This film was part of my final University submission, an extended project of research and travelling to Madeira Island to shoot. I collaborated with a few fashion designers from the island, as well as local models that I casted. The music composers are young creatives that I have met at University. Most of the work has been an individual effort, though, since I was both the producer, creative director, DOP, and editor. The words included in the sound is a poem I wrote in Portuguese. This work represents a beautiful journey of exploring and finding out more about my roots, as well as my passion for filmmaking.
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