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Asics - 72 Hours - Asics
Happy Family

Asics - 72 Hours - Asics - Happy Family


Title of Piece: Asics - 72 Hours
Brand: Asics
Production Company: Happy Family
Client: Asics
Agency: /
Director(s) : David Findlay
Business Region: 36850
Short Synopsis: 'Asics - 72 Hours' is glimpse into the restless life of Olympic middle distance runner Charles Philibert-Thiboutot as he races, trains and travels through Europe in what he considers a "normal" weekend.
Runtime: 01:15
Release Date: 2019-01-28
Producer(s): David Findlay
Director of Photography: David Findlay
Editor: Brock newman
Production Design: /
Costume Design: /
Music Composer: Esta.
Creative Director: David Findlay
Visual Effects: /
Sound Design: Brock Newmand
Script: David Findlay
Copywriter: /
Props Stylist: /
Animation: /
Notes for Judging: Recently shortlisted for the Next Director Award at the D&AD and Silver winner for New Director of the Year at the Shots Awards America 2020, David Findlay is a writer-director and Arts graduate of the University of British Columbia hailing from Quebec City, Canada.

His work focuses on the earnest examination of human behaviour and is known for seamlessly straddling the line between fiction and documentary through a highly cinematic lens.
Statement: 36905
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