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Winning Is Not Everything - - - -


Title of Piece: Winning Is Not Everything
Brand: -
Production Company: -
Director(s) : Thanos Mitsios
Business Region: 37040
Short Synopsis: Up-close, engaged and focused, this short follows the inner and outer state of strength of Dimitris Fotiou - a professional CrossFit athlete from Athens, Greece. Capturing the mentality of his training, the story centers around key themes of his mental state during preparation for the 2020 Reebok CrossFit Games. Endless training - both physical and mental - which builds up for days, weeks and months to a win or no-win. Not allowing challenges and struggles to define him but instead make him stronger, his reality lives within the gym.
Runtime: 02:14
Release Date: 2019-10-30
Producer(s): Thanos Mitsios
Director of Photography: Petros Goritsas, Christos Douros
Editor: Thanos Mitsios
Music Composer: Nick Hackas
Sound Design: Mikes Billis, Ektoras Pantazis @ BOUNCE
Copywriter: Thanos Mitsios
Individual Credits: Colorist: Dimitris Karteris
Individual Credits: Voice Over: Steve Isaac
Statement: 37091