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Batuka - Madonna

Batuka - Madonna - COMPULSORY x Dreamers


Title of Piece: Batuka
Brand: Madonna
Production Company: COMPULSORY x Dreamers
Client: Madonna
Agency: Madonna
Director(s): Emmanuel Adjei
Short Synopsis: Madonna celebrates the rebellious spirit and legacy of batuque in the new video for “Batuka,” a track off her most recent album, Madame X.

As a series of title cards explains at the start of the video, batuque is a style of music and dance that was created by women in Cape Verde, a former Portuguese colony off the coast of Africa that played a crucial role in the slave trade. Madonna learned about batuque while living in Portugal, where she recorded some of Madame X, and both the song and video for “Batuka” feature the Orquestra Batukadeiras.
Runtime: 06:02
Release Date: 2019-07-19
Producer(s): Chris Toumazou, Mélodie Saba, Tom Birmingham
Editor: Danny Tull
Production Design: Paulina Rzeszowska
Costume Design: Bratsk
Creative Director: Imogen Snell
Visual Effects: Mathematic
Individual Credits: Make Up - Isamaya French
Individual Credits: Hair - Andy Lecompte
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