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Drauf Bist - Saltwater Films GmbH & Co. KG - Emilio YOUTUBE 3m:35s

Drauf Bist - Emilio
Saltwater Films GmbH & Co. KG

Drauf Bist - Emilio - Saltwater Films GmbH & Co. KG


Title of Piece: Drauf Bist
Brand: Emilio
Production Company: Saltwater Films GmbH & Co. KG
Client: Emilio
Agency: Jive Germany
Director(s): Anuk Rhode
Short Synopsis: "Drauf Bist" is a music video in the form of a vignette, reminiscent of a kind of cinematic trailer.
We accompany our protagonist Abigail on several days in the middle of her life.

Abigail is unhappy in her relationship - meanwhile the relationship is about to end between her and her boyfriend.
They only live past each other, because when they are together in a room, it only escalates. Both are impulsive and emotional, so they only argue and hurt each other. It seems as if their love has an expiration date.
Abigail distracts herself by isolating herself from her boyfriend, dancing alone in clubs, "scooting" through the desert in her car, hanging out on rooftops and drinking or running high through the city.
She wants to numb herself and at the same time feel something - but above all she wants to distract herself from having been hurt inside but also from having been hurt.

The mood is a deliberate mix between slow rides and portraits, which feel like in a state of "slow motion" but also fast impulsive parts with many cuts.
The red thread is light in effect red. For this we use red neon tubes which can make a room look for example red illuminated.
We use this effect in some moving portraits as a symbol for their mental state (aggressive, impulsive, dark, dramatic).
The cinematic look is throughout, characterized by an expressive cast, individual styling and moody locations.
Runtime: 03:34
Release Date: 2019-04-26
Producer(s): Daria Marie K├╝pker
Director of Photography: Pat Aldinger
Editor: Jan Gleisberg
Individual Credits: First AC: Marco Breidenbach
Individual Credits: 2nd AC: Mathis Heidemann
Individual Credits: Cast: Gillian Rae
Individual Credits: Grading: Marina Starke
Individual Credits: Hair and MakeUp: Tina Fischbach
Individual Credits: Runner: Tina Paffen
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