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Boy - British Heart Foundation

Boy - British Heart Foundation - Knucklehead

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Title of Piece: Boy
Brand: British Heart Foundation
Production Company: Knucklehead
Client: British Heart Foundation
Agency: Mullen Lowe
Director(s): Siri Bunford
Short Synopsis: A precocious tyke fronts the British Heart Foundation's latest campaign, kicking off this informative film with prepubescent brio. Like Brilliant Kid's little brother, the boy's enthusiasm for the circulatory system is delivered with such genuine verve that it's hard not to get swept along in his torrent of facts. His performance makes the ad, providing the audience with a truly compelling way to learn facts about the various diseases the heart contributes to - and how being informed is the first step to combating them. Lovely work from director Siri Bunford, who tracks the boy's monologue with an astute eye.
Runtime: 01:00
Release Date: 2019-03-19
Producer(s): Matthew Brown
Director of Photography: Jim Jolliffe
Editor: Xavier Perkins
Production Design: Chris Oddy
Costume Design: Justine Luxton & Anna Laflin
Creative Director: Mark Elwood
Visual Effects: Dan Sanders / Lucie Brant
Sound Design: Philip Bolland
Props Stylist: Tristan Carlisle-Kits