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#BEICONIC - Deichmann
Represent Film

#BEICONIC - Deichmann - Represent Film


Title of Piece: #BEICONIC
Brand: Deichmann
Production Company: Represent Film
Client: Deichmann
Agency: DDB Düsseldorf
Director(s): Jens Wirtzfeld
Short Synopsis: #BEICONIC describes a lifestyle. We portrait iconic people – with every step, just everything. Nails, hair, lashes etc… #BEICONIC celebrates the easy going lifestyle. The not careing too much. We celebrate the icons from tomorrow, not from today or the day before.
Runtime: 01:00
Release Date: 2019-05-06
Producer(s): Mandy Kothe, Matthias Wissmann
Director of Photography: Jens Wirtzfeld
Editor: Philipp Schneider
Production Design: Frank Niedorff
Costume Design: Theresa Gross
Music Composer: Yung Hurn
Creative Director: Kristine Holzhausen
Visual Effects: Deveroe
Sound Design: Moritz Staub
Script: Jeannette Bohné
Copywriter: Dominika Zajac
Animation: Deveroe
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