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ECHOES - Soldats Films - No Brand (independant short movie) JPG
ECHOES - Soldats Films - No Brand (independant short movie) JPG
ECHOES - Soldats Films - No Brand (independant short movie) VIMEO 5m:48s

ECHOES - No Brand (independant short movie)
Soldats Films

ECHOES - No Brand (independant short movie) - Soldats Films


Title of Piece: ECHOES
Brand: No Brand (independant short movie)
Production Company: Soldats Films
Director(s): Kevin Frilet
Short Synopsis: Between dream and reality, ‘Echoes’ captures the story of a man facing his own fears and questioning his own existence as it follows the main protagonist, played by British dancer and choreographer Aaron Sillis, from the legendary settings of Paris’ trendiest cabaret club Manko to the French capital’s rainy rooftops.

A touching tale of man who loses his identity, the films perfectly depicts the struggle Aaron Stills’ character experiences while trying to break free from the materialistic and excessive world he lives in. Is there anywhere in the world more likely to highlight loneliness than a night out in a Parisian lascivious cabaret club? As our protagonist discovers, you can be surrounded by beautiful people in one of the most beautiful places in the world and still feeling alone. Driven by loneliness, the main character’s separation from society is expressed by Aaron Stills’ body movements. His choreography is his only vehicle for of expression. The inner awakening process begins during Allanah Starr burlesque show, in which the New York City’s transsexual queen sings Shirley Bassey’s ‘This is My Life’, it is during the colourful but fragile performance sequence that Aaron Stills’ character decides to act on his suppressed emotions to break free through dance.
Runtime: 05:37
Release Date: 2019-07-04
Producer(s): Charles Sels
Director of Photography: Nicolas Petris
Editor: Maxime Pozzi - Garcia
Music Composer: Sacha Rudy
Visual Effects: Benoit Talenton
Sound Design: William Jame - Celia Sayaphoum
Props Stylist: Jean Charline Tomlinson
Individual Credits: Choreographer : Aaron Sillis
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