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Benny Sings - "Not Enough" - Benny Sings
Czar Amsterdam and Couscous LA

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Title of Piece: Benny Sings - "Not Enough"
Brand: Benny Sings
Production Company: Czar Amsterdam and Couscous LA
Client: Benny Sings
Director(s): Bear Damen
Short Synopsis: The film for the track 'Not Enough' is another peak into the surreal world that is the director’s imagination. Each scene has its own surreal resonance that keeps the viewer’s eyes locked on the screen; all linked to his interpretation of the music. Described by the director as a “paradisaical, pleasantly tormented succession of situations", the film keeps you guessing whether it is all dreamt up by the artist as he simultaneously listens in on these characters living in a world so very different from his own.
Runtime: 03:04
Release Date: 2019-02-05
Producer(s): Wies Dammers and Ben Narich
Director of Photography: Christopher Ripley (LA/35mm) and Martijn Melis (AMS/16mm)
Editor: Bear Damen
Production Design: Eloise Ayala
Music Composer: Benny Sings
Sound Design: Stones Throw
Individual Credits: Record Label: Stones Throw
Individual Credits: Colorist: Christopher Ripley