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Maurten Unofficial - HALAL - Maurten VIMEO 1m:00s

Maurten Unofficial - Maurten

Maurten Unofficial - Maurten - HALAL


Title of Piece: Maurten Unofficial
Brand: Maurten
Production Company: HALAL
Client: Maurten
Agency: Åkestam Holst
Director(s): Madja Amin
Short Synopsis: ‘Maurten Unofficial’ is a unconventional piece of advertising accompanying a unconventional product range. The film, directed by Madja Amin (HALAL), promotes the innovative and popular sport-fuel Maurten's new unbranded product range - a line designed for all the athletes who enjoy the benefits of Maurten despite being contracted by other brands.

Leaving the beaten track, the film introduces what at first seems like a typical sports spot to then reveal the unusual twist. A distorted and blurred journey that contemplates the world of sports nutrition, and highlights the brand’s premise: athletes love their product, but are faced with strict non-compete sponsorship deals by other brands. By offering un-branded versions of their existing products, athletes are now free to keep enjoying the benefits of their products without risking their sponsorship deals. The end result is as typical as it is uncommon.
Runtime: 00:30
Release Date: 2019-07-10
Producer(s): HALAL
Director of Photography: Noel Schoolderman
Editor: Emiel Nuninga
Production Design: Esra Ghilane
Music Composer: Raven Aartsen
Creative Director: Åkestam Holst
Sound Design: Sharkee @haaifaai de luxe
Individual Credits: Grade: Joppo @De Grot
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