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Them - No brand
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Them - No brand - Dogma - Psycho

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Title of Piece: Them
Brand: No brand
Production Company: Dogma - Psycho
Director(s): Adrien Landre
Short Synopsis: They are called "migrants", "refugees".
"Them" refers to those women and men that are systematically reduced to a group of people - deeply denying the notion of individuality.

This film gives voice to Mohammed Mostafa Gardaya.
The 23-year-old young man grew up in Southern Sudan, Darfur. In 2015, he fled his country and left his family, threatened by death.
A long and difficult journey through the desert led him to Libya where his life became hell for almost 2 years, reduced to the condition of a slave. After several attempts to escape by the sea, he finally landed on the Italian coast in July 2017.
Since then, he lives in Paris where, thanks to the non-profit organization « Good Chance », his love for theater, for words and for acting was born.
Taken in the meanders and cynicism of the French and European administrations, he still hopes to see his refugee status recognized by the French state.

This film was meant to be a metaphor for the refugee's condition: like a loop, like an eternal resumption, an infinite vertigo. This dive within the mind of this young man confronts us with his anxieties, his traumas. By his words, he invites us to recognize his absolute humanity. A glimpse of hope emerges: recovering his dignity to envision a future.
Runtime: 03:50
Release Date: 2019-05-15
Producer(s): Idrissa Hanrot
Director of Photography: Khalid Mohtaseb
Editor: Matt Osborne
Sound Design: Sylvain Rety at Schmooze
Individual Credits: Starring: Mohammed Mostafa Gardaya
Individual Credits: Story Producer: Susan Modaress Tehrani
Individual Credits: Colorists: Mikey Rossiter at The Mill & Nicolas Gautier at Firm Studio
Individual Credits: Additional editor: Jon Connor
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