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Prana - Chó - Teresa Mair JPG
Prana - Chó - Teresa Mair JPG
Prana - Chó - Teresa Mair JPG
Prana - Chó - Teresa Mair VIMEO 3m:23s

Prana - Teresa Mair

Prana - Teresa Mair - Chó


Title of Piece: Prana
Brand: Teresa Mair
Production Company: Chó
Agency: SP-Models
Director(s): Chó
Short Synopsis: "Prana" is an extraordinarily intense fashion short film, which will take your hearts by storm with much love for detail, its unique flair as well as the specially composed film music.

Inspired by the infinite beauty of nature, the purity of the snow and the unconditional love of animals, Chó dedicates this film to all humans and would like to remind you of the connectedness of all life.

All, everything, one.
Runtime: 03:23
Release Date: 2019-06-16
Director of Photography: Chó
Editor: Chó
Costume Design: Teresa Mair
Music Composer: Chrisna Lungala
Script: Chó
Props Stylist: Lara Zeitler
Individual Credits: Actor: David Trojer
Individual Credits: First Camera Assistant: Manuel Zoller
Individual Credits: Drone Operator: Manuel Zoller
Individual Credits: Assistants: Lea Sophie Kurz, Omar Awad
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