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The Wilderness Within - - - - VIMEO 6m:30s

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Title of Piece: The Wilderness Within
Brand: -
Production Company: -
Client: -
Agency: -
Director(s): Luca Tuffarelli
Short Synopsis: Movement director Neil Fleming Brown and film maker Luca Truffarelli have collaborated on a film to explore the depths of the ordinary man & woman.

A film combining movement, fashion and poetry ‘The Wilderness within’ draws upon text from writers Albert Camus, Fernando Pessoa and Ted Hughes to create an enigmatic observation of human's connection with nature - the unexplored caves, the far off deserts and the seabed of ourselves.

Music by Greg Haines


Password: wildernesswithin1
Runtime: 06:30
Release Date: 2019-03-08
Editor: Luca Tuffarelli
Music Composer: Greg Haines
Creative Director: Neil Fleming Brown
Individual Credits: Valeria Mariucci- Voice over
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