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next t.cell - devilos project - maska JPG
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next t.cell - maska
devilos project

next t.cell - maska - devilos project


Title of Piece: next t.cell
Brand: maska
Production Company: devilos project
Client: maska
Agency: devilos project
Director(s): hanjin jo
Short Synopsis: A man finds himself lying in the midst of a dark, abandoned disposal facility. As he wakes up, a iron spike suddenly falls to the ground with a sharp sound. Having no clue as to why and how he got there, he starts to grope for a way out. While wandering through this labyrinthine space, he finds a series of similar spikes on the floor, which seem to hint at the way to go. Following the traces, he finally comes to arrive in a space that exudes mysterious energy. As he puts glasses on, an unidentified robotic object comes into his vision.
Runtime: 02:49
Release Date: 2018-12-19
Producer(s): devilos
Director of Photography: seokjea heo
Editor: hanjin jo
Production Design: junsu kim
Costume Design: miyoun kim
Music Composer: airair
Creative Director: junsu kim
Visual Effects: young hun chea
Sound Design: airair
Script: dong yo jang
Copywriter: dong yo jang
Props Stylist: devilos project
Individual Credits: hair&makeup artist jeonghwan park
Individual Credits: aesthetic concept dahee kim
Individual Credits: mechanical design jaehoon sim
Individual Credits: programming joonwoo ahn
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