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The Brexit Bunker - RadicalMedia - Paddy Power MP4 2m:33s

The Brexit Bunker - Paddy Power

The Brexit Bunker - Paddy Power - RadicalMedia


Title of Piece: The Brexit Bunker
Brand: Paddy Power
Production Company: RadicalMedia
Agency: Officer & Gentleman / S!G
Director(s): Axel Lauscher
Short Synopsis: Legendary footballer mocks Theresa May’s dancing in amusing Paddy Power film by Officer & Gentleman and RadicalMedia’s Axel Laubscher Eric Cantona is Offering Brits an Escape from EU Madness in His ‘Brexit Bunker’

Legendary footballer Eric Cantona has weighed into the carnage around Brexit, as he offers Brits an escape from the incessant talk about the process.

As uncertainty and debate rages, Irish bookmaker Paddy Power has teamed up with Spanish creative agency Officer & Gentleman and released a campaign featuring one of football’s greatest European players, encouraging Britain to make an exit of their own – from Brexit. That’s because the brand has created a ‘Brexit Bunker’, somewhere between the UK and France, to escape from the chaos.

In the film unveiling the bunker, and the competition to stay there, Cantona recreates Theresa May’s infamous dance moves, mocks Brexit leaders Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg, and references David Cameron’s love of pigs. He also shows how the facility comes stocked with supplies and rations – including tinned sardines (of course).

Paddy Power Brexit Ambassador Eric Cantona said: “Brexit is like Boris Johnson’s hair, he’s the only one who doesn’t think it’s a complete disaster. That’s why I have created the Brexit Bunker: A British Noah’s Ark! Here, one specially selected Brit can take shelter from the constant bombardment of Brexit chatter.”
Runtime: 02:33
Producer(s): Ben Schneider and Rob Leonard
Director of Photography: Jim Joliffe
Editor: John Smith
Production Design: Zach Apo-Tsang
Costume Design: George Buxton
Visual Effects: Simon Percy
Sound Design: Jonny Srorhert
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