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ANDROGYNE - SOLAB - Lumière Noire YOUTUBE 4m:39s

ANDROGYNE - Lumière Noire

ANDROGYNE - Lumière Noire - SOLAB


Title of Piece: ANDROGYNE
Brand: Lumière Noire
Production Company: SOLAB
Director(s): Lola Quivoron
Short Synopsis:
The clip follows the members of Dirty Riderz Crew, a bunch of rider friends from popular neighborhoods. It is the story of a mourning, crossed by the absence, the fantasy and its ghosts. Very often relegated to the same stereotypical representations of violence, power and virility, here, the riders confronted with the death of one of their own, embody something other than what is expected of them. The emotion, the softness and the solidarity between them replace the virulent energy of the speed of the machines. The bike is the favorite and sacred object. It is at the center of their attention and the ritual they engage in to ward off lack
Runtime: 04:39
Release Date: 2019-01-22
Producer(s): Arthur Parratte
Director of Photography: Alexandre Jamin
Editor: Manuel Coutant
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