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3D OP. LITE - RadicalMedia - Reebok JPEG
3D OP. LITE - RadicalMedia - Reebok MOV 1m:12s

3D OP. LITE - Reebok

3D OP. LITE - Reebok - RadicalMedia


Title of Piece: 3D OP. LITE
Brand: Reebok
Production Company: RadicalMedia
Client: Reebok
Agency: Tangent Design
Director(s): Jonas & Julien
Short Synopsis: Challenged to re-introduce Reebok’s iconic 90’s shoe OPUS back into modern culture, we journey through worlds of chaos to the final creation; a metaphor for the shoe’s evolution. Explorations of surreal memories and abstract feelings are conveyed through a mix of live action and CGI, that push the film into a unique world, reflective of the shoe’s creative and design led origins. 90’s references contextualise the shoe and combined with the latest 3D techniques, create an innovative visualisation of the re-birth of a futuristic aesthetic, that underline the pioneering relevance of OPUS today.
Runtime: 01:12
Release Date: 2018-09-04
Producer(s): Elliott Tagg
Director of Photography: Nicolai Niermann
Editor: Builders Club
Production Design: Ciaran Beale
Costume Design: Coline Bach
Creative Director: Adam Slater
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