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Agam - Theeye
100 ft films

Agam - Theeye - - 100 ft films

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Title of Piece: Agam - Theeye
Production Company: 100 ft films
Director(s): Vinod Ravindranathan
Producer(s): Swamy Seetharaman
DoP: Surjith Pai
Instagram Tag: @vinod_ravie @100feetfilms
Short Synopsis: The film portrays a poignant journey of love and acceptance as a man grapples with his gender identity. As the film unfolds, it becomes evident that this force is not an external entity but a reflection of the inherent strength and character within him.
The statue in the beginning of the video stood as a visual manifestation of the internal struggle—a ceaseless battle between societal expectations and the authenticity of his true self. A compelling force emerged, shattering these mental barriers and propelling him to engage with a mysterious force. The force nurtures him on a journey toward self-discovery and acceptance.

Throughout the film, the protagonist's interactions solely through the shadows and reflection symbolises the force driving him. Through an interplay between music, dance and movement, the strict gender boundaries are blurred, and he unveiled layers of his identity that of the woman who he sees in the refelection, ultimately learning to embrace the person he had always yearned to become but found himself conflicted with.
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